The RwandAir Promise

Accessing Rwanda and Africa’s key tourism destinations safely

Travel from one destination to the other as we once knew it has changed. The wanderlusts and business travellers in our midst have witnessed a significant shift with the advent of the COVID-19 global pandemic, challenging passengers using varied modes of transportation to adapt to the ever-pressing need for adherence to health and safety requirements.

Rwanda, aptly coined “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, is now open for tourism after a months-long lockdown as with most tourist destinations. But the country’s story continues to evolve, having over the past decade more than solidified its position as an African beacon of excellence in modernization and progressive innovation, and as a destination of distinctive encounters with nature, be it in the mountainous jungles of Nungwi Forest National Park, or from the shores of Lake Kivu. Kigali, Rwanda’s capital welcomes inbound tourists from across the world to experience the warmth of her people, enriching them with opportunities to learn more about the nation’s history and inspirational success stories, before they head on to explore the rest of the country’s abundant eco-tourism experiences.

On the pulse of supporting ongoing efforts to promote Rwanda as one of East Africa’s most prolific and pristine destinations is RwandAir, the national carrier, which recommenced its commercial passenger services on the 1st of August 2020, offering 3 flights a week out of Dubai International Airport to select destinations across the continent, where travel restrictions have been eased and borders open to inbound tourists since the global pandemic erupted.

Flying the Dream of Africa on RwandAir

RwandAir, known for its exceptional service, with a succinct tagline “Fly the dream of Africa” as a  genuine reminder to passengers of the attention to service provision rendered to each passenger boarding a RwandAir flight, has with its resumption of flights this time around, brought with it a key focus on instilling passenger confidence in this season.


The modus operandi is simple:  to apply stringent health and safety measures at all guest interface touch points throughout the entire travel experience.  This means that whether guests are flying into or out of Kigali International Airport, they are assured an experience that sets a premium on the health, safety and wellbeing of all passengers and staff, without taking away from the excitement of travel.

Air travel today is about making passengers feel comfortable with their decision to proceed as they anticipate a fruitful business or leisure experience at their planned destination. What they need is assurance, and RwandAir, being one of the first African carriers to resume flights to multiple global destinations, is well primed to fulfill this service promise.

A 5-Step Safety Protocol: RwandAir’s commitment to passenger wellbeing

Leveraging a 5-Step Health and Safety Guide, available for download at the RwandAir website, travellers can get a sneak-peek into what they can expect their experience to look like pre-boarding, while inflight, right through to arrival and leaving the airport to venture into Rwanda. RwandAir’s 5-Step Health and Safety Guide is focused on travel processes and critical touch points for all passengers and staff taking to the skies in this COVID-19 era. The initiative’s core tenets are outlined as below:

  1. Before you fly – Recommended Online booking and check-in for all passengers, the presentation of a certificate of a negative SARS-CoV 2 Real Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) COVID-19 test performed within 120hrs of departure time from a certified laboratory, completion of a passenger locator form available at the RwandAir website and booking for a 24-hour stay at a designated hotel upon arrival in Kigali.

  2. Arrival at the airport – mandatory wearing of a face mask and required PPE per destination requirements and of course, adhering to social distancing practices.

  3. Inside the aircraft – Strict adherence to health and safety regulations including the reinforced use of hand sanitisers, practicing social distancing and minimized contact with other travellers.

  4. Onboard RwandAir – Beyond ensuring that all staff are wearing PPE for passenger protection and theirs, RwandAir has introduced a comprehensive aircraft sanitization regiment, including the installation of high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filters, designed to remove over 99% of germs while ensuring optimum airflow for the comfort of passengers onboard.

    Because these are unprecedented times in which we live and now travel, guests will also notice some changes to the inflight experience, including offering pre-packaged meals on long haul flights and snacks and beverage service for flights shorter than 2 hours long. Comforts such as blankets and earphones will be sanitized with each use and sealed before presentation to new passengers.

  5. Arrival at the destination – In addition to signage advocating social distancing, all passengers arriving from international destinations will be retested for COVID-19 when they check in to their designated hotel for their mandatory 24 hour stay, with results for their tests received within the 24 hour window. Travellers will be greatly supported with all their needs as airport staff are well trained and equipped to offer support with any questions and procedures.

Rwanda is open for tourism

As Africa braces for the reawakening of the travel and tourism landscape, Rwanda is well poised to welcome tourists to the wealth of wonders within its borders. With the perfect Airline partner in RwandAir, tourism operators are expectant as much as they are delighted to begin welcoming guests to the “Land of a Thousand Hills” again. And to the curious at heart, who has endured a long wait to see what Africa has to offer, Rwanda is a good place to start planning your next trip to the continent.

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