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Inside Sindiso Ncube's delicate dessert culture

Who is Mr B?

I am Sindiso Bryan Ncube, a Chef trainer who is also incredibly passionate about making desserts.

Mr. B is what I’ve gone by with people closest to me in the industry. It stemmed from my earlier years as a Food Manager. Effectively, I am a manager turned Chef of Zimbabwean origin.

Tell us more…

I studied Hospitality and during this season, led a team of friends in our own informal catering business. What started off as a weekend hobby – became a serious venture for the group of budding Hoteliers. In a way this enterprising streak formed the basis for the brand Mr B’s Gourmet Emporium.

Over the years, my inspiration has been drawn from culinary greats like Adrian Zimbo, Bruno Albouze and David Vidal who are well accomplished in their craft.

You are built like a rugby player yet you love making desserts. Desserts are so delicate and require a good bit of patience to make. Why desserts for you?

I have always loved desserts. Yes, I am known for cooking, but I am loved for my desserts! Dessert-making for me is an open playground that allows me to express myself - drawing inspirations from art, fashion and music.

I am never too tired to make a dessert. I love creating. I incorporate different methods of cooking and science to produce tasteful combinations. This art requires an understanding of textures, flavour pairings and knowledge of an array of techniques, especially as it relates to pastry work.

Keeping up with trends, my work has evolved to into a 3-dimensional approach, incorporating visual appeal which makes it perfect for social media posting! I believe I am a representation of the future in dessert-making, bringing innovative techniques to those who are eager to try something different; you know, the new experimentalists. My combinations, recreations and fusions of colour, flavour, texture and presentations are both cutting edge and definitely delicious.

You’ve become a bit of a media personality over the years. Talk to us about your exploits in this space

I did not know I had a radio voice until I was on Metro FM!

An enjoyable experience, the exposure following a Metro FM interview grew my following and client base. It was also pleasing to know that then, I had been the only dessert chef on Metro FM’s “Chow Down with Pearl” – a show in which different Chefs and their speciality dishes are showcased weekly.

With Metro FM’s listenership at over 4 million - it was a huge ego boost! Since then, my work has been featured three times on the same show – with different chefs! It’s been good fun!

Over the years we’ve seen an upward trajectory in collaborations between creatives. Are there any you have been a part of that proved to be quite invaluable to your entrepreneurial ventures as you grow the Mr. B brand?

I have collaborated both directly and indirectly with acclaimed local chefs who have a “culinary footprint’’ in South Africa.

A major highlight in 2019 for me was working on a restaurant dessert menu. I not only designed their urban dessert menu, but devoted time to train both the front and back-of-house teams. It filled me with a huge sense of accomplishment and fulfilment during launch period, as I witnessed smooth service flow and excellent guest feedback on the spot!

Off-the-cuff thoughts on your future plans?

The industry has evolved since I was a student many years ago. Things have become more visual, especially with the advent of social media usage. I am finding more so than ever before that integrity is demanded of professionals. A negative online reputation can lead to downfall and subsequent failure of one’s business. It’s important that there is alignment between our service delivery and what we portray visually online, especially for us as creatives.

My sights are on growing the brand further and collaborating with Chefs and Creatives from other countries. I think there is much we can all learn from working together on unique projects. I’d like to see Mr. B grow into a household name as my desserts appeal to more and more dessert lovers. Dessert makes people happy. It’s the last item on the menu and the seal to a great meal!

Follow Mr B on

Instagram @mr _b_sa

Facebook @theRealgourmetb

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