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Desert glamping anyone? 6 reasons why you should experience Sharjah’s Moon Retreat by Mysk

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Words by Yvonne C Mtengwa

Who doesn’t enjoy a perfect escape from the big city life and all the speed that comes with it? After many months of what now feel like restrictions and hinderances as triggered by the pandemic, one thing that stood out for me over the past year was the innate ability we all possess to find solutions to overcoming life’s roadblocks. We all have that one thing we turn to in a bid to recalibrate our minds or call “time-out”, and for me, the simple notion of movement, be it from the desk in my home office to a coffee shop, or driving out of the city overnight for a change of scenery, has done wonders in awarding me opportunities to bask in the spirit of gratitude.

And so, when I received an invitation to head out into Sharjah Emirate to experience a unique glamping experience in the desert, I had to oblige. This short 50-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Dubai turned out to be that first encounter with the outdoors for 2022, that I didn’t know I needed, and here are my 6 reasons why….

1. The coolest little domes to sleep in await you. Moon Retreat boasts a total of ten well-appointed, luxuriously decorated domes, set on a winding path up an incline in Sharjah’s desert. A stunning rocky cliff serves as the backdrop, and imposing reminder that you really are in the desert and far from the madding crowd. Three domes are without pools while the other seven avail you your own private opportunity to enjoy the ultimate seclusion as you take your swim.

2. Bigger tents for bigger groups. The domes are cosy and can only accommodate two people, but should you be thinking to go glamping with family or friends and need more room, there are two one-bedroom tents and four two-bedroom tents to pick from, the larger of which also has a private pool to enjoy.

3. It’s glamping so you get to do the cooking yourself! You’ll love that there is an option for the resident chef to whip up a meal for you, but if you are bent on roughing it without having to rub sticks and stones together to start your fire or go catching your dinner at a nearby stream, you’ll be delighted to note that each dome and tent is equipped with a state-of-the-art gas fuelled barbeque station to make your breakfast or dinner from.

“Well, that about the food?” may be your next question. Before check-in, you will receive a menu via email or text for you to place your order for raw foods that will make up your meal. From Arabic mix grills and burgers for dinner to ingredients for your vegetable omelettes, your cold meats and those set aside for you to cook, a full bag of groceries including cereals, fresh fruit, sweets, a variety of breads and already prepped vegetables and condiments are delivered to your doorstep in environmentally friendly bags. Enjoy good conversation with your loved ones as you take in the pristine surroundings and aroma from the grill! Once done with preparing and enjoying your meal, the friendly staff will come collect your refuse bags and replenish the dry goods that come with your dome’s coffee making station.

4. If it’s a retreat you’re after, you’ll enjoy the silent service. The whole time we were there, we rarely saw any neighbours or the welcoming team that ensured a stellar service during our stay. It was super quiet, and perfect from the everyday noise that comes with being a big city dweller. Oh, and WIFI is only available at main camp, giving you that reason to truly disconnect to reconnect.

5. Explore Mleiha Fossil Rock and the desert by day. The plains are rugged and uninterrupted, framed by the Al Faya Mountains and perfect for a little adventure on wheels. We took a drive out following the unmarked trail into the desert and even stopped for a little song and dance as we appreciated the serenity of our environment. There is definitely great scope to walk around the quaint camp and find some little Instagrammable spots that contrast the orange sand and bright blue skies. Whatever you kick for adventure is, you get to choose your pace.

6. Far enough to feel like a retreat, near enough to get to easily. I quite literally came from meetings in DIFC and found myself making the turn off from the highway within the hour. Moon Retreat by Mysk is located 68km from Sharjah, 61 kms from Dubai, 176 kms (1 hour 50 minutes) from Abu Dhabi. Nearby attractions include Mleiha Archeological Centre which is a mere 15 minutes away. Easy to get to with a convenient road network, my only advice would be to leave the city fast enough to where you won’t spend two hours stuck between haulage trucks and other driver leaving for their weekend getaway.

The retreat offers limited on-site services as guests are required to self-cater. A hosting team is always however present on site, making them a quick call away for urgent services and supplies if needed.

But there is still much you can get up to between the stretches of relaxation, including yoga at sunrise, a visit to the nearby Archeological Centre, salt spa at Al Faya Retreat, a sister property to Moon Retreat, leisurely lunch on or off-site, a trek or dune bashing, and horse riding or visiting a camel farm are all just possibilities by day that can be arranged by the guest services team. Just venture out to Sharjah with this in mind; a stay at Moon Retreat by Mysk is designed to reinvigorate any adventurer’s love for the vast expanse of the desert, embracing quiet moments to recalibrate in unfiltered nature.

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