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Botswana - your home awaits you!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Welcome to a snippet of beautiful Botswana, a small country in the Southern part of Africa, with a population of a little over 2 million inhabitants, and incredible stories to share through its warm and welcoming people. Our history is long as much as it is intriguing, with our nation highly regarded as a peaceful and democratic state since attaining its independence in 1966 from being a British protectorate.

When you visit Botswana, the first word you’ll hear being said with every interaction is ‘Dumela’, which literally means hello. Batswana are warm and they take respect of their elders very seriously. This too is reflected in our greetings and core values. With a hearty ‘Dumela Mma’ (Hello Ma’am) or ‘Dumela Rra’ (Hello Sir), you’ll for sure get a glimpse into the welcoming spirit of our people.

With the current situation affecting the world at large, communities across Botswana are having to adapt to the changes that come with reduced inbound tourism numbers. You see, visitation from international travellers is a pretty big deal for locals, as sustainable tourism has long been viewed by industry stakeholders as a focus area and key contributor to Botswana’s collective tourism product offering. Because we believe in a model that organically feeds into our people within the value chain, that is, real people on the ground whose livelihoods also depend on support from overseas travellers, as a nation, we truly value each tourist that decides to visit Botswana for leisure or business.

When tourists buy our baskets, they are effectively putting food on the table for a family in the remotest parts of Botswana. When we welcome backpackers into our communities, and they proceed to book a creative lesson hosted by the locals in the form of learning pottery, how to dance, how to build a mud hut house, milk a goat; or simply go hiking with the locals, on a village tour on a bicycle or come spend one night in a small village; such activities help the local economies run, thereby contributing to the livelihoods of Batswana communities.

I started my business on account of my desire to contribute to Botswana’s growing tourism landscape, while sharing part of our culture and value system with inhabitants of the world beyond our borders. Our packages are experiential and designed to showcase the best of Botswana through the eyes of everyday people. One of the things I most enjoy when I welcome clients to Botswana, is the opportunity to take them across Botswana through the lens of my childhood. I love to share with our guests a perspective of life as an African woman born and raised in Botswana, and naturally, the beauty of being a black woman running a tourism company that caters to the needs of communities at grassroots levels. Happy Soul Adventures is purely about showcasing authentic Botswana, our people and our culture, through interactive activities that involve the people living in communities across the country.

The pure and authentic Africa story awaits you through Happy Soul Adventures. And I can’t wait to host you! My Botswana awaits you!


Cynthia Botshelo Mothelesi (pictured left) is the Founder and owner of Happy Soul Adventures, a local tourism company that seeks to showcase the best of Botswana and part of Africa through the eyes of locals. Cynthia is also the proud owner of @Mmomontle, a platform that supports homegrown business in Botswana. To learn more about experiences available during your next trip to Botswana, follow Happy Soul Adventures under the same handle.

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