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editor's welcome

Ours is a continent of fighters and innovators. Perhaps that too is why we’ve always been plagued by our fair share of negative publicity, anchored in the truths of societal injustice, political impasses, economic instabilities and so on. But these exist the world over – not just in Africa. This is in fact why Travel Essence Magazine aims to bring to the fore a distinctive message; one that truly captures the essence of our joys and celebrations on the continent, connecting readers with the vast array of travel, cultural and lifestyle experiences across our plains.

We boast the incredible honour of being the youngest continent in the world, with a reported more than 75% of our estimated 1.2 billion inhabitants under the age of 35. This is a resounding gong of promise. This is also a call for Africa’s youth to play an active role in contributing towards a revitalized future, founded on a vibrant, more youthful narrative. We chose travel because through it, our lives, individual and collective missions continue to evolve.  


It has been through seeing vast landscapes teeming with wildlife that we came alive or hiking up mountain trails that we felt the wind blow against our faces like never before. It has been through moments of watching waves of water on the shores of Africa’s coasts lap against our feet, that the soul of the earth spoke to us. It is through travel and exploring the rich diversity of Africa’s cultures and spaces, that we realised we have a real opportunity to share this and more with people from all over the world.

Our mission is bold enough:

“To invoke curiosity and desire for exploration in today’s globally conscious individual, connecting them with the diverse travel, culture and lifestyle experiences on offer through industry tastemakers and brands across Africa.”

Need we say more? Join us on our journey as we connect the world with the essence of Mother Africa, it’s people and places through the eyes of industry professionals, adventurers and content creators alike! Our story’s evolving, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Thanking all the entrepreneurs, adventurers and content creators who shared their inspiring stories with us for this Issue. Your contributions to the travel industry and promoting our wealth of pristine destinations, experiences and wildlife conservation efforts are invaluable! We are routing for you as you anticipate ongoing industry recovery in the remaining months of 2020.

To our readers, thank you for letting your minds escape for a time, as you immerse yourself in snippets of what Africa has to offer!

Love and Light!

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