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Dining with a view of Gaborone

When travellers speak of Botswana, the narrative almost always highlights the wealth of adventure opportunities available in the Maun and the vast Okavango Delta. It’s safari central over here, but Gaborone, Botswana’s capital tells a different story.

A very small and organic city that is not trying too hard to be the next Johannesburg or New York, experiencing Gaborone will still grant you many opportunities to experience the cosmopolitan side of the capital city of one of Africa’s fastest growing economies.


While the locals aren’t really avid party goers that fill the club scene, if you are looking for a chic place to chill out, enjoy a great dinner, drinks, desert and a stellar view with some family and friends, pop by Table50Two, located on the 28th floor of the majestic iTowers South.


Famed for its claim to being the highest dining and nightlife venue in Botswana, guests can not only indulge in a selection of local, Asian and Western inspired tapas and dishes, but the views of Botswana’s central business district will not disappoint, especially in the evenings.

But maybe embarking on a night out on the town isn’t on the cards while in Gaborone, affectionately known as “Gabs” by the locals.

Table50Two does well to offer a classy atmosphere for a business breakfast, corporate lunch or quiet dinner for the more relaxed patrons.

So, if you should ever find yourself in Botswana’s capital city for business or leisure, to add Table50Two on your itinerary for a dining experience to relish.


It’s always a win to enjoy a hearty meal with a spectacular panoramic view.

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